(ages 16+)
Kempo Karate

About the Course:

Come learn the “ancient art for modern times” with our new karate program based on the Steve DeMasco Shaolin Studios (SDSS) Instructional Method.  Our classes are fast paced and high energy.  Students will benefit from the unique SDSS Character Development and Life Skills program, where they will learn about respect, self-discipline, self-control, honesty, and patience; in addition to the physical movements of the martial arts.  Teens and adults will have a great time learning an effective self-defense system while gaining strength, balance, coordination, and improving flexibility.

Through this program, students will have the opportunity to advance from white belt all the way to black belt (belt testing is optional).  Please note that all current karate students will maintain their current belt rank and status.  Upon first enrollment, students will receive a free t-shirt and belt.  Full uniforms and extra t-shirts are also available.  We guarantee that you will leave each and every class with a feeling of accomplishment and renewed self-esteem.  This is our mission, and this is our promise!

Schedule & Fees:

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Jan. 17 - May 12
(no class 4/7, 4/11)
Wednesday7:00-7:45 pm$228 Members
$258 Non-Members
May 16 - August 22
(no class 7/4)
Wednesday7:00-7:45 pm$198 Members
$228 Non-Members