Recreation Center Renovation Update

I’d like to formally introduce myself as the new Parks & Recreation Director for the Town of Ridgefield. My name is Dennis DiPinto and I’ve been at my new post since about the same time renovations began in mid-April.  Although perhaps a bit over do, I want to give you (our members) an update on our renovations and share a few milestones / important dates as it relates to our current renovation to our general and wellness locker rooms.

As of April 9th, partial renovations to the men’s and women’s general locker rooms began. The focus of this phase of construction is in the back two thirds of the locker room facilities and includes new walls, ceiling, lighting, flooring in the changing areas and tile throughout the showers and main hallways leading to the pool area. The existing restroom, sink and vanities are to remain.

As of July 15th, the women’s general locker room is open with a temporary carpet which will be replaced with an appropriate carpet in the next two weeks. As this will be installed overnight there will be no reason to close the locker room. 

As of July 15th, the women’s wellness locker room was taken off line and construction has begun. Both the men’s and women’s wellness locker rooms will be completely renovated including restroom areas, lockers, showers, changing rooms, steam and sauna, sinks and vanities.

As of July 31st, non-slip mats will be placed in the higher traffic areas in the women’s general locker room. Although the tile used in the renovation is considered a non-slip surface, feedback from our members suggest that putting the mat’s down will give some folks more confidence on wet tiled areas.

As of August 13th: the men’s general locker room will be completed and opened to our members. At this same time, the men’s wellness locker room will be taken off line and construction will begin immediately.

We are hopeful we will be completed will all renovation on or about September 30th, 2018.

A gentle reminder to all that the Recreation Center pool is closed for maintenance from August 20 to September 9.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their patience as we work to improve our beautiful facility.


Dennis DiPinto
Director, Ridgefield Parks & Recreation