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Saturday, 3/2: Open Gym, 2:00-5:00 (Front Gym)Sunday, 3/3: Open Gym, 9:30-11:30 (...

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Come to the Recreation Center for a free one week trial of our All-Inclusive Individual or Family Membership plus YOGA/...

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We are in the process of creating a Spring/Summer 2024 Flipbook. In the meantime, you may view the PDF by clicking...

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All grass fields are closed for the season. Thank you!

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We offer a flexible schedule and a Free Gym Membership (includes the Wellness Center, group fitness classes,...

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Become an All-Inclusive member today and get FREE YOGA/CYCLE/TRX/ROWThis is not a limited time offer, but is only...

  • Lap Swim Memberships

    Lap Swim and All-Inclusive Memberships provide exclusive access to our dedicated lap swim lanes and is ideal for getting in shape or training for competition.

  • Visit the Ridgefield Recreation Center

    Lift weights, take a group fitness class, unwind with yoga, swim laps, splash in the Spray Bay, play Pickleball, or learn a new skill!

  • Learn to Swim

    Your children are invited to enjoy our exceptional youth pool programs!  We offer American Red Cross certified Swim Lessons for beginner students of all ages.  Or, more experienced swimmers can refine their strokes in our Stroke Clinics.

  • Group Fitness Classes

    Let us help you find ways to make physical activity a healthy habit!

  • Fun at the Skate Park

    An exceptionally friendly staff, reasonable prices, and skating opportunities for everyone make the Graham Dickinson SPIRIT Skate Park the most enduring town-run skate park in the area, and a model program emulated by many other municipalities in New England.