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Skate Park Lessons

About the Courses:

Learn to Skate: Skateboard and Inline!  

Lessons are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, weather permitting.  Students can choose between 1 or 2 days a week.

Skaters may enroll mid-session to carry over into the next session or for a partial session at a prorated fee.  Member rates are for people who purchase Skate Park season passes or annual memberships.  Weather cancellations or lessons missed due to illness can be made up.  Please contact the Recreation Center or the Skate Park to report any absence due to illness or other family priority.

Six-Lesson Sessions:

Experienced and friendly skate instructors help skaters learn at their own pace to achieve their own personal best in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Students can advance to higher groups as their skills improve.

Registration is only available in person or by calling (203) 431-2755.


March 20 - April 5

April 17 - May 3

May 8 - May 24

Pee Wee Ramp  (ages 7 & under):

Skaters will learn the basics in an age appropriate and comfortable setting geared towards youngsters long on energy and short on attention span!  Patient and friendly instructors will help skaters feel confident on their boards or skates as they try out the ramps and rails at the skate park.  Skaters move at their own pace and receive individual instruction when needed.

Tuesday and Thursday4:00 pm to 4:30 pm6$63 Members
$93 Non-Members

Ramp I  (beginner/all ages):

Skaters of all ages and ability levels will learn the fundamentals of their sport and begin to navigate the skate park’s banks, ramps, rail, and obstacles geared to their abilities.  Simple tricks are taught in a friendly, supportive, and non-competitive setting.  Skaters may advance to Ramp II as their skills improve.

Tuesday and Thursday4:30 pm to 5:30 pm6$108 Members
$138 Non-Members

Ramp II  (intermediate/all ages):

Skaters of all ages will learn advanced tricks and maneuvers like full spins (360’s), half spins (180’s), Ollies, Kickflips, Shuvits, 50-50’s, Nosegrinds, and more!  Taught by experienced instructors.  Intermediate students will come away from this course with a large repertoire of tricks and the skills necessary to compete at the intermediate level of competition.

Tuesday and Thursday4:30 pm to 5:30 pm6$108 Members
$138 Non-Members